Educational Programs

The Education Stage at IX Art Park during the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest will host a wide variety of programs and presentations about Virginia craft beer.  


Rob Mullin, Dave Warwick & James Frazer
3 PM

Join Rob Mullin & Dave Warwick from Three Notch'd Brewing Company for a unique experience in which attendees will play an active role in recipe development and the process behind creating and producing craft beer. Dave and Rob will be joined by James Frazer of Beale’s who will help the audience craft the perfect beer!

Brew Betties
4 PM

Charlottesville-area women homebrewers and craft beer devotees share their experiences around developing, brewing and enjoying the Brew Betties Maibock brewed in collaboration with Three Notch’d Brewing Company. 

Rob Mullin: Beer & Food – A Fun, SIMPLE Approach to Pairing
5 PM 

Join Three Notch'd Brewing's Rob Mullin for an interactive beer and food experience. In his 25+ years brewing (and enjoying!) craft beer, Rob has developed an easy stress-free approach to pairing beer with your favorite foods, and he's eager to share it. Did you know flavor scientists have identified thousands of distinct flavors in beer? That huge diversity of flavor makes beer the ideal beverage with every meal. 

What Makes Virginia Beer History So Special?
6 PM 

Virginia holds a unique place in America’s beer history. From the landing of beer-laden English settlers at Jamestown in 1607 to the world debut of canned beer in 1935 to the historic recipes being revived by today’s craft brewers, the Old Dominion claims a colorful niche in a flourishing industry. Join author Lee Graves and David Downes of the Virginia Beer Museum for a lively discussion!