An Array of Cool Vendors

At the 2018 Virginia Craft Brewers Fest, you'll find a few places to shop! From packaged foods, to shirts, to crafts – you'll find plenty of unique souvenir options.

Blue Ridge Graphics

Screen Printed T-Shirts


Artistically Repurposed Craft Pieces

Craft Brewed Jewelry

Jewelry Created from Rescued Cans


Cool T-Shirts from Local Brewers

DaddyG's Salsa

Handcrafted Salsas

Ernie's Beef Jerky

All-Natural Jerky

Montford Misfits

Hand-Cut, Hand-Painted Craft Beer Maps

Nailed It

Bottle Openers Hand-Crafted from Recycled Hardwoods

Virginia Beer Museum

Dedicated to Promoting the History of the Virginia Craft Beer Industry